Bahamas Public Service Industrial Agreement 2014

It is not surprising that the public service is so corrupt… How can someone survive on $221.00 a week? Other important elements of the agreement include fixed monthly risk premiums and risk premiums, as well as the increase in pension benefits resulting from the correction of social security contributions. He also thanked the public service negotiators who ensured that the agreement was concluded and signed in a timely manner. Minister Foulkes also indicated that the number one in this area, for customs and immigration officers, has retained the insurance coverage they have become accustomed to, and the new agreement will maintain it. LAWYERS in the Office of the Attorney General have not obtained any increases and salaries in accordance with the industrial contract that the government signed with the Bahamas Public Utilities Union in 2013, and they now have their fight for what they believe they are in the Prime Minister`s office… „As always, we believe it is the government`s duty to enter into agreements with unions that are in the best interests of bahamas residents and workers. That is why I am very pleased that we are all here to witness this historic event. He predicted that if the government were to seek a new agreement, the treasury would have to generate $4.2 million in revenue. Kimsley Ferguson.Dozens of staff at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) demonstrated outside the hospital yesterday to demand that the Public Hospital Authority (PHA) no longer „block“ the renegotiation of its industrial agreement… As riots between three organisations affiliated with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) continued, the Union of Public Services of the Bahamas (BPSU) yesterday signed a multi-million euro industrial agreement.

On Tuesday, BPSU President John Pinder, who is also president of the National Congress of Trade Unions, advised members not to take part in trade union actions. At a press conference at public Hosp… The President of the Union of Public Services of the Bahamas (BPSU), John Pinder, and the Minister of Finance, Michael Halkitis, signed yesterday a new industrial agreement for civil servants. Photo: Lamond Johnson/Tribune Staff „In that sense, we think we should be able to come back to the table to get what we asked for in the first place,“ he said. The government was not able to do that because it said, because of financial constraints – that is the clause that we have in our industrial agreement. If they do something before 2018 to get a lot more revenue from national funds, we have the right to sit at the table and ask for more for our members. John Pinder, president of the Bahamas Public Utilities Union (BPSU), said there was a clause in the union`s new industrial agreement that would allow the union to ask the government for more money if commercial oil drilling or higher royalties were payable at the aragonite and salt mines.

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