British Columbia Commercial Lease Agreement

b. the lessor may use the appropriate force which he deems necessary to welcome and reconquer the premises, and the tenant frees the lessor from any act, procedure, claim and claim for and in connection with such an entry by force, or any loss or damage related to it or as a result of it; 18 (1) Where a tenant has expired under the tenancy agreement or professional law, whether in writing or or or, or has been determined, either by the lessor, by the tenant, by a notification of termination or termination in connection with the tenancy agreement or contract, or by any other act in which a rental agreement or right of occupancy has been found or unduly refused. , on written request, to leave the property or property rented when the tenant is to be filled, the lessor may ask the Supreme Court (b) for any accelerated rent to which he can claim as part of his lease and cannot exceed 3 months` rent. 3 Any person who has a late or forties that has been terminated or determined for a lifetime or a lifetime or at his convenience may, after finding the respective leases, compensate in the same way as he would have done if these leases or leases had not been terminated or fixed. The tenant will not or will not be subject to or will not authorize the right to pledge under the Builders` Link Act of British Columbia or, as a law against the ownership of the tenant`s leasehold in the premises or against the ownership of the land because of the work, services or materials that have been delivered or that end , to the tenant or someone who, for the duration, holds an interest by or under the tenant, has been registered. When such a pledge is registered, the tenant immediately obtains the registration of the discharge after the right to pledge has been received on the tenant. If, in good faith, the tenant wishes to challenge the amount or validity of a pledge and has informed the landlord and the tenant has filed with the lessor or has filed a claim for a guarantee, the amount of the pawn entitled plus a satisfactory amount of expense for the lessor, the tenant may defer payment of such a pledge right of sufficient time in order to allow the tenant to benefit from the right with the diligence required, provided that neither the premises nor the tenant`s rental interests are cancelled, nor that the countries are in a position to terminate or give in. The lessor may, but is not obliged to discharge such a pledge at any time, if, according to the landlord`s judgment, the tenant`s premises or shares are forfeited or are in jeopardy, and any amount paid by the lessor, as well as all reasonable costs and costs of the lessor, is immediately reimbursed by the tenant upon request. Nothing is included as the tenant`s permission, or involves the agreement or agreement of the lessor to submit the estate and the owner`s interest in the premises. The lessor may enter the premises at any time and from time to time during the duration or extension of the premises in order to inform the premises that the lessor is not responsible for modifications, supplements, repairs or accommodations, and they may also inform potential claimants in writing. (c) the deadline for depositing the pledge fees for these lease improvements has expired; If, at the end of the term and without the execution and delivery of a new lease or without the express written consent of the lessor, the tenant may take possession of the premises and take possession of the premises and remove the tenant and the lessor may use the force deemed necessary, without being responsible, without being held responsible for losses or damages.


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