Building Loan Agreement

22. Construction loan contract. A construction loan agreement, with or without the sale of land, and any changes to it must be duly recognized and contain a statement verified by the borrower, verified by the borrower, indicating that the consideration for the loan it describes is paid for or paid for; and all other expenses, if any, to be submitted to the office of the administrator of the county in which part of the land is located, except that any subsequent modification of such a construction credit contract, which is thus presented, must be submitted within ten days of the date of execution of such an amendment. Such a construction credit contract or modification of it cannot be submitted to the registry of any county. To the extent that this is not the case, each party`s interest in such a contract for the property concerned is subject to the right of bet and the claim of a person who subsequently files a declaration of deposit under this chapter. Any change to such a contract does not affect or affect the right or interest of a person who ordered or ordered documents prior to the submission of such a change, but that right or interest is determined by the original contract. The district official is entitled to a $25 tax, except in counties located in New York City, where the tax should be fifty dollars, for the submission of such a contract or such an amendment. If the district official holds a block index, these contracts and modifications are indicated in a book provided for this purpose in alphabetical order of the names of the persons to whom these loans are granted. No transfer of funds owed or due under a construction loan contract, pursuant to the provisions of Section 26 of this section or payment to the holder of that assignment, is or should not be construed to be an amendment to a construction loan contract within the meaning of this section, and the performance and provision of a loan and mortgage in accordance with the provisions of Section 26 of this section or related payments are not or are not construed as the performance of a construction loan contract within the meaning of this section. Except that this section does not apply to mortgages taken by the owners` loan company, an organization formed as part of a convention deed, known as the „thirteen- and thirty-three-year-old landlords` loan deed“ and „the loan deed of the owners of thirteen and thirty-three, as amended,“ this mortgage premiums all the pledges deposited after the registration date of the mortgage, that the cash bonds and/or bonds for which the mortgage was taken were pre-entered at the time of the execution of that mortgage or its subsequent amount, and there is no need to execute and present a construction credit contract or other contract.

, in accordance with this section or part of it.

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