Cerbung Wedding Agreement Bab 21

The rest is in the new marriage agreement kk… 😊 What part 20 can not be opened until the end … It`s sad. already deleted by the author, because the sequel is in the novel mbka 🙂 Thanks to kak useful information, be sure to also visit my official website bit.ly/2MCUqF6. Kadungnya`s brother, who still works in the country, fully supports his only brother. At that time, he was determined to tell his family what he would see later, lisa was ready to get it, even if he had to be removed from his last name. It`s a good story. Chapter 21 is not open. Tks, do you want to find the novel ah? Please contact the author to order the novel mbk, 08158140664. Please click on the WA link below in the yes mba article….. It`s a good novel. But chapter 21 is not bs in frankly yes. Lisa had resigned just four months after her pregnancy.

Lisa was devastated, she felt it was the ruin of her life that led her to end her life right away, but of course it didn`t happen. „So I apologize first, thank you for the time.“ Lisa got up from her seat. Cerbungnya has been removed the author seems mbk, basrusan I check has been deleted 🙂 „But everything will change when the son of the big brother is born, the first time we hear his cry at that moment, we will be like in a new life, the first time he touches you, when you will never be alone again, for one day he will be with you.“ It`s very touching the plot so baper. Mau donq her novel In the Middle-aged Woman Called Doctor by her stung her nicely on her. „Also, I recommend not going anywhere alone for now, in two weeks, a new mother can give birth, but my estimate might be wrong.“ Lisa is quite clumsy with Anisa, who sees her as if she can`t believe what she sees. „Yes, Ak-“ Anisa`s speech stops when she sees Lisa`s big belly. I want to buy an MBA for the novel. My home in sukamandi subang Sy sdh read until chapter 24 b.Is as the last.

? . The novel is now in Batch 2 to 30 seven years later kak. Kk Domizil or kak? When`s the next chapter,,??? I can`t wait until the end I`m curious about the rest… You want his kakkk novel „I`ve never been married“ ikuy in. Lisa`s response certainly surprised Anisa, but it didn`t last long, because then Anisa smiled with understanding. Now that her pregnancy has entered the 9th month, Lisa is naturally quite panicked and cautious. It was his first experience. Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY Iya emang in block or mmg ga no sequel.🙄 Please click on the WA I ya tea link, then log in to the next distributor😊 please check again mbk I benerkan linknya 🙂 The AV link at the bottom of the article was directly connected to my wa teeeh😊😊 Er mbak the two authors are also cool ya mbk doing his writing 🙂 Salute even mbk Mia Iya Novelnya marriage marriage agreement of Mbak Mia Chuzaimah It`s over for cerbungnya mbak version, for more details are in the Novel Wedding Agreement alhamdulilah has been published, please contact the author 🙂 „I understand.“ Lisa answered with a smile on her lips. The novel can be purchased in gramedia or other bookstores ga kak fatma. .? Of course, his father was angry and when he was able to chase him away, his mother was crying without knowing what to do. Lisa doesn`t understand what Anisa is saying at all. „This fate looks cruel, yes, brother, bitter, if he swallows it, but God is righteous, if he is bitter, he must be cute next door.“ Lisa is relieved, at least there is always a part of her family that is willing to accept it.  .

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