No Smoking Clause In Tenancy Agreement

A recent survey showed that only 7% of landlords agree to let tenants smoke in their rented buildings, yet more than one in five tenants still smoke. So the owners are missing a chance? Well, before making decisions hastily homeowners in multiple occupation might consider this same research as smoking tenants are not particularly popular with their roommates – A judge might agree to drive a tenant out to smoke on the land, but he or she is more likely to consider this extremely harsh and deny you a possession order. I live in a 9-plate building where non-smokers are numbered 2 to 1, although there is a clear no-smoking clause in the rental agreement. The owner is the laziest person I have ever encountered in the application of the rules, so it makes no sense to inform him of the smokers in the building. The City Council`s environmental board said it could not control cigarette smoke from a private or rented home. The other approach might be to insist on a higher surety from a smoker, in the hope that if the damage is caused, then a landlord successfully withheld a rent deposit amount to cover the damage caused by smoking in their rented building. I am skeptical of the success of an owner in convincing a TDS arbitrator that the damage (which can often be put in place often smells worse than it looks) would even be where you took the trouble to carefully prepare a real estate inventory. In Council housing, they check whether they are changing this situation and introducing non-smoking laws, since it is indeed a Council property, it is indeed a government building and therefore falls under the current non-smoking legislation. They do not have the clause because they would have almost empty properties. Private rentals for Council dwellings do have non-smoking clauses like almost all leases, short-term leases. As a tenant of an undated house, I should have the right to do in this property, as I see it, and in law. It is permissible to smoke in your own home.

By law, a tenant of a non-real estate property has property rights close to the property. It would be a very dangerous precedent if an owner was able to impose lifestyles such as a smoking ban inside the denied property. That`s a great idea. As a non-smoker who suffers from severe secondary cancer problems, which causes smoke fumes from abominable people just when entering my residence, I proposed it to my landlord.

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