Translate Non-Disclosure Agreement In Greek

An NDA is a confidentiality agreement that requires a party to treat confidentially certain information disclosed in the course of a transaction and to use that information only for specific purposes for which it has been disclosed. It creates a contractual right and helps to establish a relationship of trust on which a common law measure can be based. „No party may refer to the relationship between them under this agreement or to any other relationship, agreement or agreement it has entered into with respect to the project in the context of external communications between that party and a third party without the prior agreement of the other contracting party.“ You can also send a copy of the NDA to your editors or fellow translators and add a page on which they confirmed that they had read the agreement and agree to abide by its terms as if they were the recipient. After becoming a legal translator, the NDAs reappeared in my life. The offer to sign one is actually a good selling point for legal translators, as confidentiality is very important for many clients, whether it`s litigation or new transactions. The very first document I worked for sent me as an NOA or, as I said, an adaptation of the traditional NDA (later). Click here to download a pdf of the article as published in the ITI newsletter. Many translators may not be very worried about the NDAs, because: now let`s go to my table. I have used this with translation agencies and direct clients and I have rarely seen that my applications are rejected. You may be worried about losing a potential new customer by addressing certain points, but in my experience, as long as you provide a reasonable explanation, they rarely try to argue. The exact text must be adapted to the original design of the NDA you received, and some entries may not be applicable. The client/THE TA may then request a (acceptable) provision stipulating that, to the extent that the law, law or law permits, the recipient will inform the Discloser, so that the Discloser may, after his sole choice (but no obligation to do so), endeavour to obtain a protection decision or any other appropriate remedy and/or to waive compliance with the provisions of the NDA. (for direct clients that allow you to work with other translators or a proofreader) – is or will be available to the public, except as a result of a disclosure by the recipient; – all the editors and editors used by the receiver, I hope this article was useful.

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